Chapter 4: Tax Concerns, RRSPs, and TFSAs

Chapter Four of Preserving Wealth The Next Generation

For your FREE Copy of Preserving Wealth, CLICK HERE We were finishing up the Cajun hot dogs when David had the gall to complain that his were a bit more Cajun than usual. I told him that if he didn’t keep quiet, he might wind up with a good ol’ Louisiana-style blackened steak for dinner […]

Resources to Review As You Approach Retirement

Resources as you approach retirement

As you reach your mid to late 50s and early 60s (and as you look in the mirror), you begin to realize you are closer to the end of your career than the beginning. You start to take a closer look at your finances and wonder if you will be able to retire at some […]

Key 2023 Financial Planning Facts and Figures

Key Financial Planning

RRSPs Spousal RRSP Rules TFSAs Old Age Security (OAS) OAS Claw Back (recovery tax) 2023 Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Payments Registered Education (RESP) Limits Probate Fees in Ontario  Ontario Withholding Tax for RRSP and RRIF withdrawals:  2023 Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) Tax Rates for Ontario Important Dates: Source of Information:   Download our White […]

Chapter 3: Protecting and Preserving your Wealth

Chapter Three of Preserving Wealth

“Well, David, I have to say one thing—you sure have become a good cook. This has been one of the best breakfasts we’ve had all summer.” David’s face was rife with suspicion as he glanced over at Alice. “It’s only our second Saturday breakfast, dear, and I think I know why you’re buttering me up. […]

Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) Update for 2023 

Tax Free Update for 2023

Key Items:   Resource: Tax-Free Savings Account Guide for Individuals TFSA Summary A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a type of savings account that has been available to Canadian residents over the age of 18 since 2009. Contributions to a TFSA are not tax deductible, but any income earned within the account is tax-free.  You […]

The 32 Blog Posts from 2022

Blogs from 2022

Below I have sorted the thirty-two blog posts I wrote last year by topic of interest to make the content easier to find. Some of the articles are good, some are ok, and some are… Feel free to forward them to any family or friends who may find them of value. If you have any […]

How Do You Develop a Diversified Portfolio? 

diversified portfolio discussed

A common question people have when we initially meet is, “How do you develop an investment portfolio?” Many people have a basic understanding of the difference between income and equities but are unsure of how to put it all together. When approaching retirement or in retirement, there are six key factors to developing a globally […]

What are Segregated Funds?

Segregated Funds

Many people are familiar with mutual funds as an investment but are not as familiar with segregated funds. Segregated funds are investment funds (like mutual funds) that life insurance companies offer.  How are they similar to mutual funds? The key features that are different from mutual funds: Unique Uses for Segregated Funds  If you invest […]

What To Do with Cash Now

cash now

The Bank of Canada has raised its policy rate over 2022, and it is currently 3.75%.  Prior to the interest rate increases this year, there were not many options for your cash reserves. With inflation running at 6.9 % today, you need to earn as much interest as you can on your cash. KEY TAKEAWAYS:   […]

2022 Year-End Planning Checklist

checklist year end

The end of the year is a great time to take a quick review of your personal finances to determine if you have any action items prior to December 31.   To help this process below is a checklist that covers events, milestones, taxes, insurance, and retirement plans – areas that often need attention prior to […]