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Our Focus

Are you looking at the big Picture?

Bring your future into focus through Strategic Wealth & Financial Planning.

You have ideas on how you want to live. And just like any journey, you are likely to achieve success when you think about where you want to go. Strategic Wealth Planning can help you get there by creating a clear road map to guide you along the way.

What is Strategic Wealth & Financial Planning?

Strategic Wealth & Financial Planning is not just about investments. Sure they play an important role in implementing your strategy for a successful financial future but thinking about your entire wealth encompasses so much more.

It is about you and discovering what matters by engaging in discussions around your needs, priorities, goals and aspirations. Our planning can help you define what you want your legacy to be for your family, your business, and your favourite charitable cause.

Quite simply, Strategic Wealth & Financial Planning is about helping you achieve what is most important to you today, tomorrow and in the years ahead.

Through an integrated, comprehensive approach that encompases all areas of your financial affairs, our system provides you with coordinated strategies to help you achieve your near and long-term life and financial goals.

Our Services

Retirement Planning and Financial Planning

We work with our clients to develop a lifelong retirement income and cash-flow strategy from the financial assets they have accumulated, so they can enjoy their retirement without worry. This strategy  is continually reviewed, updated and adjusted as your family’s requirements, needs, goals and aspirations change over time.

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Investment Planning

All aspects of wealth management are interrelated, and we work with you to develop an investment strategy on how to best allocate and deploy your financial assets and investments to achieve your goals. 

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Tax Planning

There are tax implications to each and every element of your Wealth Plan, and we can advise on a whole arsenal of tactics aimed at minimizing your tax burden. These strategies will help you pay as little tax as possible while you are working, and having tax efficient income once you retire.

Learn more about Tax Planning.

Insurance and Risk Management

Our Wealth Management process will identify all possible risks to your plan, and our team of skilled subject matter experts will contemplate the best strategies to address them. We will also fully review your insurance needs to determine the right kinds and amounts of coverage you should have.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning helps to ensure that you will pass along more to your family and less to the government. It also lays out a smooth and stress-free transition of your assets to the next generation or intended beneficiaries.

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The way we see it, a well-structured effective estate plan is the best legacy of all.

Preserving Wealth





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