Don’t think of it as just the safety net for your wealth management plan (nice to  have in place, just in case). These days, insurance planning can also be designed to meet specific investment and estate planning objectives.

We work with Canada’s leading insurance providers  to manage the risks and maximize the opportunities  at every stage of your personal and professional life.

What should I consider with insurance planning? 

  • Protecting your current income 
  • Sheltering your investments
  • Supplementing your pension at retirement
  • Providing for accident, illness or disability
  • Protecting your business against the loss  of key personnel
  • Providing employees with group insurance  and retirement plans
  • Planning your business succession.

We can help you  implement a program that strengthens and safeguards your family’s financial security through a personalized plan. 

Insurance Planning Questions We Help Answer For Our Clients

  • What are the key risks we have to plan for?
  • Do we have the appropriate types of insurance and amounts for our goals?
  • Do we have adequate cash reserves?
  • Is our income and cash-flow plan sustainable?
  • How do we plan for market downturns?
  • Can we afford a retirement home and/or Long Term Care if required?
  • How can we use Life Insurance as an investment?
  • Is our business well protected ?

Insurance & Risk Management  Resources

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