What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a very important component to Strategic Wealth Planning for our clients.  We work with our clients to make sure that not only can they leave a lasting legacy, but can assist to develop an effective estate transfer plan to reduce taxes and fees to maximize the value of their estate.

We work with estate planning professionals in Burlington and area and integrate their work into a plan that has our clients enjoying their golden years, and to help to ensure their estate goals are met.

Turn to Assante for wise counsel on:

  • Minimizing capital gains taxes and probate fees 
  • Maximizing tax-exempt legacy opportunities
  • Strategic charitable gift planning
  • Taking advantage of estate freezes 

Prudent estate planning helps ensure a stress-free transition of your assets to the next generation or intended beneficiaries.

Questions We Help Answer For Our Clients (Jack)

  • Are our financial-related wishes clearly established in our estate planning documents?
  • Do we have  a sensible plan to manage our assets if we are unable or unwilling to manage our own affairs?
  • Do we have an effective plan to transfer our financial assets to the next generation?
  • Are we reducing estate taxes and fees where appropriate?
  • Are we effectively using the appropriate estate transfer strategies
  • Do we have an Eldercare and aging in place strategy?

Insurance & Risk Management  Resources

Below we have generated a number of articles you may find interesting when considering your future needs and lifestyle into retirement.

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Understand the effects of your decisions now and when you have gone the implications on your legacy.