What we do

  • Help those who are or will be making the transition from their working years to retirement or work-optional years, with the need to develop a lifelong income and cash-flow strategy from the financial assets they have accumulated.
  • Work with families to help them create a vision for wealth that can be shared with and supported by the next generation.

Common concerns of clients

  • Making sure they can do the things they want in retirement,
  • Maintaining consistent income for life,
  • Paying less tax,
  • Providing financial security for loved ones, and
  • Transferring family wealth successfully to the next generation.

To find out if you are on track, and to evaluate if our services would provide value to your family, please schedule a 15-Minute call.

Step # 1 Schedule Your Call



1. Schedule a Call

An initial 15-minute call will give us a chance to find out if there is a fit between your situation and our expertise.

2. Schedule a Preliminary Meeting.

If there is a fit, the next step is to schedule a meeting in our office or virtually via Microsoft TEAMS.

This meeting will ensure that our team is in total alignment with your family’s dreams, hopes and desires, and what you wish to accomplish and achieve over time.

Prior to these meeting we will require some important financial documents that will aid in our
analysis and strategy review.

3. We complete our Review.

From our understanding of what you wish to achieve, we then formulate the specifics of your
retirement income plan. This involves co-creating the required strategies and plan that will enable you and your family to accomplish your dreams, hopes and desires in the time frames you have selected.

We will review the following:

a. Are you on track?
b. Do you have enough?
c. How can we reduce your taxes?
d. Can your investments be improved?
e. What options do you have?

4. Review your Strategy.

Once we complete our review and your preliminary strategy, we will have a second meeting (in person or virtually) to review your updated retirement income strategy. In this meeting we can also review and model any “what if questions or alternative” live online. We will provide a simple summary of how you can improve your retirement readiness and answer any
critical questions you may have. We will also outline our ongoing process, so you will know what to expect over time.

At the end of this meeting, you can determine if you wish to begin working with our team or if you wish to think about it. If we are unable to help you, we would be glad to help you find someone who may be a better fit.

My new financial planning book has just been released, “Preserving Wealth: The Next Generation.”  This narrative has some great information that I think you would enjoy. You can download a free version HERE or contact us and we will send you a copy as a gift.
To connect for a discussion, please call us at 905.332.5503,
email jlumdsen@assante.com or contact us.