The Process of Hiring a Financial Planner

What is the process once you Hire a Financial Advisor?

Excerpts from the Book – Preserving Wealth – written by Jack Lumsden, MBA, CFP®

I was speaking to someone on the phone a couple of weeks ago, and the question they asked was “what is the process after we hire a financial advisor?”. This is a very important question to have answered, and the response from the book is as follows.

What is the process once you hire a Financial Advisor?

“Normally the ongoing process they would follow would be to

  1. find out what your family’s dreams, hopes, goals, and desires are
  2. benchmark your current financial reality;
  3. co-create the required strategies and plan that will enable you and your family to achieve your dreams, hopes, and desires in the time frame you have selected;
  4. execute your specific strategy in the following five key areas

      a. retirement and cash-flow strategies,

      b. investment management,

      c. tax planning,

      d. insurance and risk management, and

      e. estate planning;

5.  use a detailed checklist-driven, step-by-step process to ensure nothing is missed in the execution of your plan; and

6. provide an on-going annual review of all aspects of your strategy and plan to make sure they remain aligned with what your family wishes to accomplish over time.”

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For more information you can refer to Chapter 4 Tax Concerns, RRSPs, and TFSAs: Protecting and Preserving your Wealth from the book Preserving Wealth: The Next Generation – The definitive guide to protecting, investing and transferring wealth by Jack Lumsden, MBA, CFP®


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