Kicking up Life Lessons and Fun with Football

Assante advisors are part of the fabric of their communities across Canada, and they contribute to their local quality of life in a variety of ways.

For Jack Lumsden, Senior Wealth Advisor at Assante Financial Management Ltd. in Burlington, Ontario, football is his passion and a central part of his connection with the city. He has been a volunteer football coach at Burlington’s Frank J. Hayden Secondary School since it opened in 2013 and coached with the Burlington Minor Football Association for 15 years.

“While we are coaching football players, we are actually raising young adults,” Jack said of his work. “The greatest satisfaction from coaching is seeing the kids go on to be successful after high school, whether it be post-secondary education, in their careers or family life.”
During his tenure at the school, he has helped coach the junior team to win the Halton Junior Football Championship in 2013 and the senior team to Tier 1 in the local Halton Region.

When asked what he enjoys about coaching, Jack responded, “We have a lot of fun at practice, the kids and other coaches are outstanding, and I really enjoy working towards a common goal within a team environment! Each week you can see the results of your efforts, and then you can adjust to get better day by day.”

Fellow coach Gerald Harris echoed these sentiments, saying, “Jack has helped hundreds of kids build skills and confidence over this time, many of which have gone on to play at the college and professional level. I’ve witnessed his generous spirit in other ways as well, as he’s provided financial advice to current and former players and coaches, and even offered up his own funds to help ensure less fortunate players get a chance to play and participate fully in our great game.”

Zack Hogan, a Hayden teacher and fellow coach, said Jack eagerly took on the challenge of building a team and culture at a brand-new school. “In a very short time during that inaugural season, Jack was able to establish meaningful relationships with students, as he coordinated the offence for a team that went on to finish undefeated and to win the Halton Championship. He was able to provide structure for our group during a year that was very busy, as we were building a school culture, as well as a football program, from scratch.”

When asked why he continues to coach football, Jack said, “Over the years, I have had many great coaches and mentors, and I want to be able to pay back what I have learnt and experienced over the years. There are many great lessons that football can teach young people, such as learning how to be a good teammate and a leader, how to set goals, how to compete and work hard, and more importantly though, how to deal with success, adversity and failure.”

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