Preparing for the Next Big One

How to Prepare for the Next Big One.

You can imagine when racing at speeds close to 200 MPH a crash can have a terrible result.  On the last lap in the 2020 race, there was a horrific crash that happened just in front of our seats.   Fortunately, the drivers were all ok.

So, why were they ok? 

They prepared ahead of time!

NASCAR race teams know that crashes occur regularly, so they prepare ahead of time how to best protect the drivers and fans.  They have designed the car and track knowing crashes will occur.  They have a strategy in place.

The same concepts apply to retirement income planning.  A market correction or crash occurs regularly, but you don’t know exactly when.  COVID is a perfect example of this.  


Since 1956 the Canadian Stock market has had 12 Bear Markets, which is about one major market decline every 5 years. 

In a retirement span lasting 30 years or more, on average you may have 6 market crashes, corrections, or downturns. It might happen, you just don’t know when.  You need to be prepared ahead of time and have a strategy in place.

As an example, if you retired 30 years ago in 1991, you would have gone through the bear markets in 1998, 2000-2002, 2007-2009, and the drop last year. 

When preparing your retirement income plan for the Next Big One, the following are some resources and concepts that you may want to consider in developing your strategy.




The Big One will happen several times over your retirement lifespan, so be prepared to adjust and adapt!  

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