What is a Certified Financial Planner?

What is a Certified Financial Planner?

Managing your finances and investments can be complicated. You may not be comfortable investing on your own. If you need help making decisions about how to manage your finances best, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) may be the answer.

The CFP® marks after a planner’s name indicate they have achieved and maintain internationally recognized standards of knowledge, skills, abilities, and ethics. The CFP designation provides assurance to Canadians that the design of their financial future rests with an appropriately qualified professional who will put clients’ interests ahead of their own and who is qualified to examine their client’s entire financial picture at the highest level of complexity required of the profession, as they work with their clients to build a financial plan so that they can be confident in their future.

A CFP® can create a detailed financial plan, which involves:

  • Establishing the client/planner engagement
  • Determining your goals and expectations
  • Clarifying your present financial status and identifying problem areas and opportunities
  • Developing and presenting the financial plan
  • Implementing the financial plan
  • Monitoring the plan


To obtain the CFP® designation, candidates must complete a rigorous education program, pass a national exam, and demonstrate three years of qualifying work experience.

To maintain certification, CFP® professionals must keep their knowledge and skills current by completing 25 hours of continuing education each year. They must also adhere to the FP Canada Standards Council™ Standards of Professional Responsibility, including a Code of Ethics, which mandates that CFP® professionals place their client’s interests first. The Standards Council vigilantly enforces these standards.

There is a tremendous advantage to having one individual for all of your wealth management needs – an expert who is personally in touch with every detail of your family’s financial affairs.

Jack Lumsden, MBA, CFP®, is a Senior Wealth Advisor with Assante Financial Management Ltd., available to help you gain peace of mind and achieve your dreams for the future. Whether it’s a worry-free retirement, saving for your children’s education, fulfilling a lifelong ambition, running a prosperous business or leaving a legacy to your loved ones or a cherished cause, Jack can work with you every step of the way.

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