What is a Certified Financial Planner?

What is a Certified Financial Planner?

Managing your finances and investments can be complicated. You may not be comfortable investing on your own. If you need help making decisions about how to manage your finances best, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) may be the answer. The CFP® marks after a planner’s name indicate they have achieved and maintain internationally recognized standards […]

Six Unique Risks to Retirement Income Planning

Risks to Retirement

As part of the retirement income planning puzzle, there are several unique risks or challenges that you must account for in your planning for retirement that are different from the risks when simply saving for retirement. Unknown Time Frame – Longevity Risk: No one knows how long they will need their income to last, but […]

Pump Your Tires!

Pump your Tires

Excerpts from the Book – Preserving Wealth – written by Jack Lumsden, MBA, CFP® I ride my bike during the winter when the temperature is above freezing, and the roads are dry.  This past weekend I went for a ride on Saturday, and I felt slow and sluggish, realizing my tires were soft.  Prior to […]

Smart Tax Strategies for Retirees: The Four Types of Income in Retirement

Four types of Income Retirement

Planning for taxes in retirement is like putting together a puzzle that is specific to each retiree. The type of income determines how it is taxed.   Each year in retirement this must be reviewed to determine what is the best strategy that balances your current year’s income, and your long-term legacy plan.   It is a […]