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About to Retire

About to Retire

And have questions like:

  • Determining Financial Readiness: How can I be sure I’m financially prepared for retirement?
  • Seamless Income Transition: What’s the best way to smoothly shift from a reliance on working income to a secure retirement income?
Already Retired

Already Retired

And have questions like:

  • Managing Retirement Finances: How do I effectively manage my income and expenses in retirement?
  • Tackling Market Volatility and Taxes: How do I navigate market volatility and taxes now that I rely on income from my investments?

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“To me, the people and dreams behind the figures matter the most.”

Jack Lumsden, MBA, CFP® Financial Advisor,
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Retirement Income Planning

Developing a retirement plan that capitalizes on the opportunities of today is all well and good, but true planning comes from having a strategy that can adapt and is sustainable over the long term. Retirement planning is more than investments. Learn More >

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Financial Planning

Financial planning takes a holistic, big picture view of you, your lifestyle, and your financial needs and priorities. Without this broad approach, it’s like trying to see out a window with the curtains half-closed. You need the full view to understand and make the right decisions about every aspect of your finances. Learn More >

tax planning

Tax Planning

It’s a fact of life in this country; the more you have, the more you have to pay in taxes. Working with professionals during your tax planning process can help as we are adept at keeping more of your money in your pocket, because that is where it belongs. Learn More >

Insurance Planning

Insurance & Risk Management

Don’t think of it as just the safety net for your wealth management plan (nice to have in place, just in case). These days, insurance planning can also be designed to meet specific investment and estate planning objectives. Learn More >

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a very important component to Strategic Wealth Planning for our clients. We work with our clients to make sure that not only can they leave a lasting legacy, but can assist to develop an effective estate transfer plan to reduce taxes and fees to maximize the value of their estate. Learn More >

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Investment Planning

When putting together an investment plan, be rest assured that our goal is to work with clients to prepare a prudent investment strategy based on your objectives, income & retirement income requirements and risk tolerance. Then we will implement it consistently and carefully, with a broad range of best in class products and services. Learn More >

Wealth & Financial Planning For A Stronger Future

Planning for your financial future is more than just looking at numbers.

As an Assante financial advisor, I can help you gain peace of mind and achieve your dreams for the future. Whether it’s a worry-free retirement, saving for your children’s education, fulfilling a lifelong ambition, running a prosperous business or leaving a legacy to your loved ones or a cherished cause, I can work with you every step of the way.


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