Smart Tax Strategies for Retirees: The Four Types of Income in Retirement

Four types of Income Retirement

Planning for taxes in retirement is like putting together a puzzle that is specific to each retiree. The type of income determines how it is taxed.   Each year in retirement this must be reviewed to determine what is the best strategy that balances your current year’s income, and your long-term legacy plan.   It is a […]

RRSP Maturity Options: What you Need to Know

RRSP Maturity Options

RRSP Maturity Options If you are turning 71 (born in 1950) by the end of 2021, you can no longer have an RRSP, and it must be converted to an income plan.  It should be noted that you can convert your RRSP to an income plan at any age. KEY TAKEAWAYS: We will review the […]