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The Three Estate Buckets

Annually with clients, we review how their estate will be distributed to their beneficiaries. We determine if there are any changes in their desires, or opportunities …

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What do I do if I don’t want to be an executor?

The question that arises occasionally from clients is: Can you turn down the role of an executor if you are named one?  Why turn it …

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Risks to Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning is a speciality in the world of financial advice. There are specific risks that are different from simply saving for retirement. It …

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Should I transfer the ownership of my house or investment account into joint ownership with my children to avoid probate fees?

Excerpts from the Book – Preserving Wealth – written by Jack Lumsden, MBA, CFP® A common question we receive is, “Should I transfer the ownership …

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What is the first step to creating your Financial Road Map for retirement?

If you wish to create your own Financial Road Map for retirement, you need two things to start: You need to know where you are …

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The Four Pillars to a Successful and Happy Retirement

When helping clients and their families make the transition to retirement or work option years, I have discovered that there are four key pillars to …

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